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Ulrika Gerth

πŸ’‘ Optimist's Edge: Food from air

Your next-generation steak saves both cows and the planet. The main ingredient? Carbon dioxide.

Kent Olofsson 2 min read

⚑ Cryptocurrency reduces its energy consumption by over 99 percent

By changing the method of how new crypto coins are created, Ethereum has managed to reduce the blockchain's energy consumption drastically.

Christian von Essen 4 min read

πŸ’‘ Optimist's Edge: Sweeter future with less sugar

New, healthier sugar means that we can continue to enjoy the excellent taste, without deteriorating our health.

Linn Winge 1 min read

🦈 Hawaii is the first US state to enact ban on shark fishing

Since January 1st of this year, Hawaii has had a ban on shark fishing. They are the first US state to enact such a ban.

Anders Bolling 5 min read

πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ Many political setbacks are an illusion

Something is about to break, it is often claimed. But is that true? For decades, immigration has increased, without xenophobia increasing. The view of equality, homosexual rights, violence, and causes of crime has shifted sharply in the direction of human rights.

Alexander Engelin 2 min read

πŸ”‹ Rechargeable and degradable battery - made of crab shell and zinc

A rechargeable battery made from crab shell and zinc could make wind and solar power greener. Parts that cannot be recycled after the battery's lifetime can instead be put on the compost.

Kent Olofsson 2 min read

πŸ‘Ά New model gives pregnant women a more accurate date of birth

A more accurate forecast for when a child will be born provides more security for mothers and can help maternity care better plan for staffing needs.

Kent Olofsson 1 min read

πŸ’° The World Bank invests record sum against climate change

The World Bank invests $31.7 billion in climate aid, which is the largest sum ever for the organization.

Christian SandstrΓΆmJonas GrafstrΓΆm 3 min read

πŸ’‘ We get more from less electricity and energy

PART 3: During the same period that Sweden's population increased by two million and the economy increased by 176 percent, energy use only increased by 25 percent.

Kent Olofsson 2 min read

πŸ”₯ AI can halve the risk of forest fires

An AI can show where the risk of forest fires is greatest and which strategies work best to prevent the fires.

Kent Olofsson 2 min read

🦟 Success for vaccine against malaria

A new vaccine is more effective than what the WHO says is required to eliminate malaria in the long run.

Linn Winge 1 min read

🍯 Manuka honey can help prevent cystic fibrosis

Manuka honey mixed with a common drug can help clear the deadly bacteria causing cystic fibrosis which is drug resistance.

Linn Winge 1 min read

🌊 Endangered mussels reproduce for the first time in decades

For the first time in decades, an endangered mussel reproduces again in the Cedar River, Minnesota.

Kent Olofsson 1 min read

🦠 Algorithm reveals the secret of cell factories

A new algorithm can make it possible to both study difficult diseases and streamline the production of everything from detergents to medicines.

Linn Winge 2 min read

πŸ›£ Wildlife researchers scour Costa Rica’s highways

In order to help reduce roadkill, wildlife researchers scour Costa Rica’s highways.

Ulrika Gerth 3 min read

😟 Hey, kids – drop the climate anxiety

"A millennial couple recounting how they wrestled for a decade (!) with the β€œethical quandary” of whether to bring β€œanother human onto an already crowded planet.” (she wanted to raise a β€œclimate ally,” he feared for the child’s future)," writes Ulrika G. Gerth

πŸ“š Top Reads

We're honored to present these top reads from world-class writers, who contribute to Warp News because they believe in our mission of spreading fact-based optimism all over the world.

Mathias Sundin 10 min read

πŸ’° Wall Street legend: β€œPessimists sound smart – optimists make money”

Jim O'Shaughnessy is a legendary investor on Wall Street. He shares what he thinks is the biggest opportunity for the future and explains how the world is going through a great reshuffle.

Mathias Sundin 4 min read

πŸ”‹ Northvolt and the benefit of understanding the future

The story of Peter Carlsson and Northvolt teaches us two lessons: You need to understand the future to see all the possibilities, and you must be a fact-based optimist to grab them.

Mathias Sundin 3 min read

🧬 The Elon Code - how to understand Musk

Much has been said and written about how Elon Musk thinks and operates, but despite that, a key part has been neglected. There are two parts to The Elon Code, but only one part has gotten most of the attention. Here we dive into the second part.

David Deutsch 13 min read

πŸ’‘ David Deutsch: Optimism, Pessimism and Cynicism

With so much progress in the world, how can pessimism still be widespread? It is because of cynicism, denying that β€œso-called-progress” is progress, argues David Deutsch, professor at Oxford University and one of the world's leading intellectuals on optimism.

Kevin Kelly 14 min read

πŸ’‘ Kevin Kelly: The Case for Optimism

Kevin Kelly is the founder of Wired Magazine and author of several books, among them The Inevitable. For Warp News he presents his case for optimism.

Johan Norberg 3 min read

πŸ‰ Opened or closed will determine China's future success

An increasing number of people think the future belongs to China. Interestingly, that’s what well-informed pundits assumed 1,000 years ago as well. The reason that those predictions turned out wrong tells us something important about China’s prospects this time.