💡 Premium Supporter recap + fact-based optimistic news

💡 Premium Supporter recap + fact-based optimistic news

🐦 Europe’s most endangered bird is making a comeback. 🧬 New AI predicts genetic diseases. 📲 Google launches new anti-censorship tech. Mars Technology Institute will develop technologies for human settlement.

Mathias Sundin
Mathias Sundin

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A couple of weeks ago, I evaluated the reboot we did of Warp News during the spring.

Our biggest issue (low growth) has improved, while maintaining high engagement. A step in the right direction.

However, the new strategy also included giving more talks, so that more people know about Warp News and can subscribe.

There have been more talks, but the goal I set up has not been met yet.

If you are planning a conference or event, please consider inviting the Angry Optimist, to give a positive outlook on the future.

My talk on AI

Perhaps about AI?

I explain how to best approach the new wave of generative AI:

They were clearly inferior chess players.
They had a worse chess computer.
Despite this, two amateurs won over grandmasters with better computers.
This happened in a chess tournament in 2005 where the players were allowed to use computers to assist them in playing.
It's called Centaur Chess.
The amateurs won because they were better at using the computer. Better at the process.

Read more about the talk: Become a centaur - how to use AI to gain superpowers

Mathias Sundin
The Angry Optimist

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💡 Optimist's Edge: How large projects are completed on time and budget (learn from Pixar)

A mere 0.5 percent of all major projects are completed as planned and within budget. Have the pessimists FINALLY found something they're right about? One might think so, but...

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💡 Musings of the Angry Optimist: "Optimius, please clear the table"

ChatGPT can now see, hear, and speak. Tesla's Optimus can see its own body and interact with its surroundings. A completely new type of robot is getting closer.

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Fact-based optimistic news of the week

📲 A blow to authoritarian web censorship: Google launches new anti-censorship tech

As a response to increased censorship actions, especially in Iran, Google strikes back. They are introducing new software allowing apps to integrate anti-censorship tech.

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👩‍🚀 Mars Society starts the Mars Technology Institute to develop technologies for human settlement

This initiative aims to pave the way for creating crucial technologies essential for the long-term human settlement on the Red Planet. The initial focus to be on biotechnology, addressing constraints faced on Mars.

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🎧 Gutenberg puts 5000 audiobooks online for free using synthetic speech

Thousands of free e-books are now available as audiobooks, thanks to a new system that uses neural text-to-speech. The system can customize the speaking speed, style, emotion, and voice of the audiobooks. It can also detect and skip irrelevant text such as tables, footnotes, and page numbers.

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🧬 New AI predicts genetic diseases

The tool predicts disease-causing likelihood of mutations with 90 percent accuracy. It aids genomics researchers in diagnosing diseases and finding treatments faster.

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🐦 Europe’s most endangered bird is making a comeback

Once critically endangered, the Azores bullfinch is showing signs of recovery. Two decades of habitat restoration has brought back the bird's numbers.

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